Friday, January 20, 2017

How to tranfer an image using a water soluble stabilizer in free motion machine embroidery

Transfer the design
In this project I am using a fibrous water soluble product called Wash-n-Gone 541 by Pellon. If like me you don not own a light box then, tape the image you would like to use on a window. Next tape the stabilizer over the image and trace.
I use a pilot Frixion ball pen or pencil. Don't use a marker as it can bleed when you rinse the stabilizer off and ruin your work.
Once you have traced the image onto the stabilizer baste it onto the right side of your fabric. I also fuse SF101 onto the wrong side of my fabric prior to basting the stabilizer

Stitch the design
Attach the darning foot to your machine, lower the feed dogs and stitch over the drawn image. I go over the image a few times to give it a bolder look. For this project I am using a grey all purpose thread.
Once I have finished stitching I pull the thread ends to the wrong side of my fabric and trim them. Next I carefully trim away the excess stabilizer and remove the baste stitching.
Finally I rinse the fabric in water to dissolve the remaining stabilizer and hang to dry. When dry I press the fabric and continue with my project.

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