Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Double Oven Glove (a Tutorial)

I love to bake. I love the feeling of sliding my hands into my oven mitts and wrapping it around the pan as I remove the freshly baked cake out of the oven. Sadly my oven glove is showing a lot of use so I decided to make myself a new one .

new oven glove

old oven glove

 Here is how you can make your own double oven Glove

Materials needed

Main fabric 17 inch
Contrast fabric 10inch
Insulated batting  (I used Insul-Bright from the warm company)
Cotton batting


1 Cut two rectangles from main fabric 28 x 8
Cut four rectangle from contrast fabric 9 x 8 (pocket pieces)
Cut one rectangle from insulated batting 28 x 8
Cut one rectangle from cotton batting 28x 8
Cut two rectangles from cotton batting 9x8
2 Make a quilt sandwich from the pocket pieces as follows fabric right side down, batting and fabric right side up. Pin the layers together mark your desired quilting pattern with a fabric marker and quilt beginning in the middle of the pocket. (My quilting pattern is diagonal lines spaces 1 inch apart)
3 Neaten one 8 inch side by trimming any batting that is poking out. Bind that edge. This will be the top of your pocket. To bind cut a fabric strip 2 ¼ inch wide. Fold in half-length wise and press, open up, fold raw edges to meet at the center fold and press again. Place your pocket edge on the binding so the raw edge lines up with the center fold. Fold the other half over so the raw edge is now encased. Use pins or clips to hold in place. Stitch with a 3/8inch seam allowance. Make sure the top and bottom of the binding is caught in the stitching. Trim away any binding that exceeds the pocket edges.

4 Next make a quilt sandwich with the large rectangles and quilt that sandwich as well. This time the sandwich layers will be cotton fabric right side down, insulated batting, regular cotton batting and cotton fabric right side up.

5 Place your quilted pockets on your quilted rectangle on each end, align raw edges. The binding s should be facing the centre. Baste the pocket sides through all layers.



6 Use a dinner plate to draw the round edge of the mitt base. When you are happy with the curved outline, cut it out. Fold the oven mitt in half and trace the curve on the other end. Trim to neaten all raw edges.
7 Finish by binding. Stretch the binding a little as you go around the curves.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial
Thanks for reading

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