Friday, March 25, 2016

A Soft Toy

 Using the bunny shape from my spring time cushion I made a simple pillow style bunny toy just in time for Easter. It is super easy to make and safe for young children to play with (no attached parts). Use a small stitch length of about 2mm ( 13 stitches per inch) to sew the front and back pieces together. Finished the toy is approximately 9 x 5''.

Materials needed
Linen 12'' square
fleece fabric scraps for inner ear and tail
embroidery thread for eyes and nose (brown or black)

1 Using template cut two bunny shapes from the linen fabric, adding seam allowance of 1/4''.
2 Cut two inner ears and one tail from fleece.
3 Using a zig zag or satin stitch sew ears to right side of front bunny. Sew tail to right side of back bunny piece.
Bunny tail

4 Embroider eyes and nose to right side of front bunny.
5 Place front and back bunny pieces right sides together, sew together start and finish by back stitching. Leave an opening for turning right side out.
6 Clip into seam allowance up to stitch line every 1/4''. Turn right side out.
7 Stuff toy. Ladder stitch opening closed.
Bunny Template

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