Friday, September 18, 2015

Why Sew

bag in progress
At Joann's last week I spent $32.03 before tax buying some of the materials that I need to make my next bag. I still have the rings and slider to purchase. So by the time I have all the materials to make one bag I will have spent approximately $40.
I can buy a bag for less so I asked myself why do I sew, as its certainly not saving me any money. Here are some of the reasons I gave myself.
Its meditative more so than a yoga class. I am calm as I slowly watch the project unfold right in front of me and at the some time I am the creator.
Secondly each time I make something I am building on my current skills and also acquiring new ones.
Thirdly making something myself is more satisfying than simply buying a ready made. Also I can customize the bag to suit my needs and not settle on close enough.
Lastly I need to create whether I am drawing, painting, baking or sewing. Its just who I am.
Why do you sewing?

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